If I could write this in fire

I had no idea what was really going on in this essay/story/journal?  A passage that resonated with me was on page 3.  “Occaisionally a girl fainted, or threw up.  Once, a girl had a grand mal seizure.  To any such disturbance the response was always ‘keep singing.'”    This stuck with me for a couple reasons.  One, she mentions people fainting or suffering from heat strokes from a ‘zinc roof gymnasium.’  I have suffered at least 3 heat strokes.  The third one that I suffered dropped me as I was going for water. Two, I then went into a seizure in my buddy’s apartment who suffers from seizures.  The irony.  I have never had anything like this happen to me in my lifetime.  I don’t remember falling, but I do remember spazzing out on the floor and being unable to stop thrashing the side of my head into the floor.  It was really strange.  The story also mentions teachers ignoring the students while they seize out on the ground.  My friend, that has miny seizures pretty much on a daily basis, would collapse in our apartment before heading up and down steps.  In my opinion steps are what triggered his seizures, but anyhow, he would always tell people that if he had a seizure that we were not supposed to call 911. 

The zinc roof and hot environment also reminded me of the book I am reading where a bird with balloons winds up trapping a bunch of military guys in a hot tin barrack and burning them all alive except for a few that manage to escape and the one that sees ‘IT’.

Does the author of ‘Fire’ kill off Zoe?  Or is it just some random girl that never returns to school?  Somewhat confusing.  Talking about a girl named Zoe and all of a sudden a break and then a one liner paragraph saying the girl disappeared.

I don’t know that any author has influenced my writing as of yet, but the style of Cliff is unique and seems like an idea board more than a story with any meaning?  Not sure what to make of it because it bounced around so much.



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