Bueller scene

Cam waits patiently in his fathers garage as the car rolls in reverse jacked up on cinder blocks.  Ferris and Cam came to the brilliant conclusion that the miles on the car would erase if they throw the car in reverse and let it spin off the miles.  As they patiently await the results Cam is debating on whether coming clean with his father.  He is terrified of his dad and what he might do if he finds out that the crew stole his car and skipped school.

Cam, looking all depressed, checks out the odometer and notices not a single mile has wiped off the car.  He begins telling Ferris and Sloan that he is just going to come clean and tell his old man what he has done and accept the punishment.  As he is explaining his plan to Ferris he puts his foot up on the bumper to rest.  His father’s prize possession then comes off the cinder blocks and races in reverse towards the back end of the garage.  Cam’s fathers garage is just as luxurious as the car itself.  It is mostly glass and sits elevated like a deck over a wooded area.  As the car races towards its end Cam can only stare in amazement.  The car explodes through the back of the window and winds up way below in a pile of twisted steel.  Cam, looking at Ferris and Sloan who now have the expression of shock on their faces, asks them if the car is okay.  Ferris coldly replies, “You killed the car.”


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