Klosterman Articles

I didn’t really care for Klosterman’s piece on Super Size Me.  One part in the essay begins with “In 1996, I ate chicken McNuggets for an entire week…”  It sounded to me like Spurlock left this guy out of his movie and he was bitter.  I didn’t care for his attempt to ‘defend’ McDonalds.  That dump puts all sorts of chemicals into their foods.  The same addictive chemicals that go into cigarettes and potatoe chips.  Anything that you consume that tastes good and makes you want to return for more probably contains that shit. I do my best to stay away from fast food anyhow.  The stuff is poison, man.

The other article that talked about GNR was a solid read.  I have always liked GNR and it is such a shame that Axl is such a moron.  The band could still be selling out stadiums today.  Axl refuses to ‘reunite’ the band, and the last time I saw Axl sweating it up on stage it looked like he had a few of his remaining fans for dinner.  The thing that stuck out to me the most in this piece was where Klosterman talked about the guys that witnessed the ‘lifestyle’ of this band.  “Of all the bands we’ve met, Guns N’ Roses appeared to live their life like their image.”  I have heard several stories to confirm that this band did infact party harder than any other band.  Probably why they will never get back together.  Something REALLY shitty must have happened. 

Axl has provided one of the most epic soundbytes I have ever heard to the radio program I listen to anytime I get a chance.    He is also the butt of a lot of jokes pertaining to his weight.  “Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got pies and cakes!”  There is an internet meme of fat Axl.

I could write up all kinds of things about Breaking Bad.  By far the best thing I have seen on television in X years.  I am a big fan of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but once I started watching Walter White cooking up meth and going from a high school teacher to an insane drug kingpin, I can’t really say anything comes close.  The writing in this show is really what sets it apart from anything I have ever seen.  The main character is such a horrible guy, but you still continue to care for him and like him.  He has done horrible things to the people closest to him and there are only 8 episodes left for him to die.


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