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McKever’s article on Springsteen was an excellent read and he nailed it when it comes to the disconnect between audiences today and Springsteen.  A line that really stood out to me was “The big themes take too much time and energy to process, time which could be spent consuming lighter, easier fare.”   There is so much garbage in music anymore that I rarely even pay attention to music.  I stick to A.M. radio and the two or three shows I listen to, when I get a chance, play music like Arcade Fire, and Springsteen.  I can get better soundbytes of songs I actually like rather than turn on some F.M. station and here some Nickelback bullshit.

The last two CDs I purchased were classical music.    No lyrics, all instruments and sounds.  I really don’t care for the dubstep techno stuff.  The scratch sounds do not trigger any emotional feeling from me.  I hear it and think ‘next’.  People allegedly dance to that stuff, wonder how many leave with a headache?

In a culture that has allowed things like Jersey Shore or the Kardashians to get popular is any of this really surprising?  Reality T.V. shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother, etc.  All feature a bunch of idiots acting like jackasses.  Then they are somehow famous and end up on another recycled season of the show and these sheep continue to watch the same stupid product over and over again.  Even though the stuff is probably produced and ‘fixed’.

The Twilight movies are some of the lowest rated movies I have seen rated by a consensus of critics, yet people continue to pay to see them.  Nic Cage is in every single horrible movie over the past 10 years.  How does this idiot still get work?  Adam Sandler and Jim Carey have sucked for the past 10 years and I can’t understand how they still make 20+ million per horrible flick.

South Park recently did a multi-part episode where one of the kids becomes a ‘cynical asshole’.  The show struck a chord with me because it basically summed up all of entertainment.  It is all a bunch of shit.  Maybe I have become a cynical asshole myself and need to start drinking Jim Beam every hour like South Park suggested.


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