Artifact Essay

The two essays we read brought back some memories.  The Sheffield essay talks about making tapes and dates itself.  It mentions so many artists that I own a CD or had a song of theirs I like.  The other essay brought back more recent memories.   The song Call Me Maybe is pretty awful in my opinion.  The essay raises a really solid point about phone calls anymore.  Nobody calls?  I don’t know about that, but nobody leaves a voicemail anymore. ‘Missed Call’ is the new voicemail.

I also liked the part that mentioned payphones.  You really don’t see them anymore.  It was cool back in the day to get some buds together and grab a thing of black shoe polish and head out to Wal-Mart and sit in the parking lot after greasing up all the payphones.  All you had to do then was just sit in the car with whatever vice you enjoyed and the comedy would ensue. 

My artifact essay is moving along well.  I have so many favorite directors and films that narrowing this down to one, and one I could write about was a bit hard.  I thought about Inception, Alien, Predator, Die Hard, Last of the Mohicans, Platoon, No Country for Old Men, Lebowski, Black Swan, etc.  I settled on The Grey because it got a really strong reaction out of me, and this resurgence of Neeson’s career is something else.  The movies he has starred in lately have him playing bad ass figures and he just turned 60.  Isn’t that when your career should be winding down?  Not for Neeson.



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