This article discusses Prometheus which was the original idea I had for this essay.  I will probably mention it in my own essay because Scott again cast a female as the hero of the movie.  It is an odd casting for a movie that is not only geared towards dudes, but dudes that like sci-fi.

This is definitely a review of the film.  It also works in some backstory from the original film which came out in 1979.  The NY Times puts out unbiased reviews from what I can tell, and they generally like most the films I see anymore.  I won’t go see a movie if it doesn’t even have a ‘fresh’ pick from rottentomatoes.com

I refuse to lose money EVER again after seeing a shitty Adam Sandler movie and wasting $40 at the movies.  I don’t go to have my mood changed to anger.  I go to escape for a few hours and find another world.


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