Second Draft of Essay

I think I am going to change course somewhat on my paper.  I plan on talking about some of the films I own and their similarities with Liam’s new flick.  There are certain elements of the movie that I enjoy that matchup well with other films that I love.  Die Hard, Predator, Alien, Jaws, etc.  There is a Man vs. Nature element to this film.  There is a spiritual aspect to the film that should provide good writing material.  The film itself got an emotional response from me.  That is one of the main reasons I chose to write about it and hopefully give the reader the background info that I had while watching the movie.  I still figure to discuss how it is unusual for a 60 year old man to be cast in this film, and that is something I could also relate to Ridley Scott casting Sigourney Weaver as the hero in Alien.


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