Deep Meaning Essay Thoughts

I am not really sure where I will go with the deep meaning essay.  I have a few ideas.  I could talk about my experience with the church from when I was younger.  How getting baptized in the church was a big deal for everyone but me.  The whole process seemed really stupid.  This old dude is going to dunk you in some water in front of a crowd of old people.  Cool story, bro.

The other idea I have for this essay is from a car accident I was involved in on I-71 South.  It was pretty kewl and I have written about the incident before, but never through the lens of a ‘spiritual’ take on the event.  I have some good ideas there perhaps.

The excerpt that we read from Blue Like Jazz didn’t really spark any ideas, but it laid out a nice example of how to talk about the topic in a story like way.  The M&P book expands on the ideas already bouncing around in my head with different styles and approaches.  If I had to choose now, I would say I might try the Personal Renditions of the Sacred style mentioned in the text.  I don’t want to offer what I perceive as ‘answers’ because that is not possible, but allowing someone to see ‘why’ I might perceive something that way.  I’m still not sure how I will approach this next essay, but I am sure it will become more clear once we start moving on the topic.


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