Spiritual Essay Ideas

My idea for this essay will probably revolve around a car accident and my thoughts about the entire scenario when looking back.  I could talk about the idea that I am already dead.  What if I am in hell?  Oxford doesn’t seem like hell, but it would be pretty cool if it was.

That is the basis for my idea.  The wreck I was involved in sent this jeep we were in across both north and south bound traffic.  We went over the median backwards and airborne landing behind a semi.  What if we land in front of that semi?  What if in some alternate reality we did land in front of that semi?  I want to draw on experiences I have had like this where I have come close to death.  Experiences like this can shape you and mold your opinions about life in general by showing you just how fragile life really is.

Not really that sure where else I could go with this topic.  I could talk about my own experiences growing up with religion, but around 15-16 years of age I was not interested in going to church on Sundays.  I wanted to watch the freaking Bengals game.  Am I supposed to believe that this super being that created everything is sitting somewhere pleased with me because I am sitting in some old crusty church on a Sunday?


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