hooks and Boorstein

The two spiritual pieces were interesting reads.  In the first piece I really liked the line “I learned then that it was not enough to identify with the poor; one had to act to transform society and human lives so that we would all have access to paradise.”  My initial thoughts were that this guy should run for office.  The statement itself rings true.  Everyone should have access to goods and services so their lives can be more closely to this ‘paradise’ the author referred to.  I think we do need people with this kind of mindset running this dump of a country.

The author then talked in a somewhat vague sense about ‘mystical dimensions’?  Okay.  The author also talks about drawing the ‘spiritual and the political’ together.  One of the main lines of rhetoric in this country concerns separating politics and religion.  I’m not sure that is what she was talking about, but overall I enjoyed reading about her experience at Yale.

The other piece had a lot of vague references as well.  It talked about people ‘waking up’.  Okay.  Please, tell me how I can ‘wake up’.  I would love to hear about it because I am already awake and would love to have someone explain to me why I am not awakened.

The article also talked about ‘knowing the truth brings happiness.’  I know most truths about my own life, but there are things out there I don’t know the truth about.  Therefore I cannot be happy.  What is happiness?  How can you tell me that I am not experiencing it?  Truth is also sometimes hard to define.


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