The O’Reilly piece mentioned Quakers, and I understand who the Quakers are somewhat.  I grew up in Wilmington Ohio, and it has a small Quaker community.  The college athletic teams are called ‘The Quakers’.  I had no Idea who the Carthusians are and The Society of Friends.  The Carthusians are incorporated into the Catholic religion somehow.  The Society of Friends are Quakers who live their life according to the bible from what I understand.  Sounds like a pretty strict religion.

I also saw a mention of Zen, and it interests me because growing up I watched a lot of professional basketball and the ‘greatest’ NBA coach of all-time is now considered Phil Jackson.  Jackson is referred to as ‘The Zen Master’.  I have always been interested in learning more about this practice.  It sounds peaceful and something I could probably get into.  I don’t think there is any strict deity Zen follows.  It has to do more with yourself and the battles you have with your own conscience.  After looking it up I found out that it was more along the lines of Buddhist thought.  You want to reach ‘enlightenment’.  Phil Jackson has a book out that I want to pick up one day, and it talks all about Zen and how he used it to coach athletes like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Shaq O’neil, etc. etc.  I think it would be really interesting to get inside of the man’s mind and see how he related this to superstar athletes.


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