Speed Response to Multimodal

I came into this not really knowing how I would approach it.  I know what I want to say and how much I will let people into my process.  I just had a hard time figuring out HOW I would present it to the class.  After getting the opportunity to check out some of the creative minds in our class I think I have a better grasp of how I will approach this assignment.  I was originally thinking powerpoint, but I’m leaning more towards a video.  I dunno, guess we will have to wait and see.  I want the piece to be entertaining if I have to present it to the entire class so lets see what I can come up with.  :/


When thinking of some element to write about that had ‘deep meaning’ I first thought about talking about a near death experience.  I thought that could be too serious, and went for a lighter fare and talked about my experience with my church.  It was fun trying to recreate the whole experience of getting baptized.

Some of the challenges I faced writing about ‘spiritual’ feelings were the fact that I am not the biggest believer in all the church hoopla.  Not to say I don’t have my own ideas about where we might have come from, but I was hoping not to offend anyone or come off as an asshole when talking about the Christian ceremony.

When thinking of ways to revise this piece I started by getting rid of some of the ‘cute’ language I had written in the zero draft.  Although some seemed to find it humorous, it wasn’t coming off as a ‘kid’ speaking.  I guess that is what I was shooting for with the funny spelling of ‘cool’.

I didn’t want this to be from an adult perspective.  I wanted it to be from the perspective of a confused kid that is about to get dunked in ‘holy tap water’.  I really don’t think anyone with strong beliefs would enjoy reading my piece.  My take on the whole process somewhat mocks and degrades, but in a classy way.  I think people that have a bit of perspective and open mindedness would enjoy reading what I have to say.  Like I said, I wasn’t trying to upset anyone, as always I am looking to make people laugh somewhat.

Publishing something I have written is something I still cannot see on the horizon.  I don’t feel that I have hit a homerun with any of my pieces yet.  I hope that this one turns out the way I had hoped, but not sure that I would want to publish something that mocks a religious group; even if I am a part of that group.

I’m not sure what is the most ‘beautiful’ sentence in the piece, but I know that as far as meaning goes at any point where I mention baptism as being ‘dunked’ has a certain effect that I was hoping to get across.  Not sure if it is mean spirited or not, but I liked it and the whole baptism process was fun to recall and write about in jest.

One of the biggest strengths I believe I have when I write is the rate I can put stuff down.  The biggest challenge is getting that idea or spark to begin creating.  Once I get in a rhythm I can really go on an on, but I still sometimes hit a spot where all I can do is stare at the blinking cursor.

Consider the Lobster

The writing by Wallace in “Consider the Lobster” was extremely informative.  At one point it reminded me of Forrest Gump when he starts rattling off all of the lobster dishes that are served at the festival.  “Also available are lobster rolls, lobster turnovers, lobster sauté, Down East lobster salad, lobster bisque, lobster ravioli, and deep-fried lobster dumplings.”  The information was also quite descriptive and it also gave you all kinds of background information on lobsters.

The piece also covered sensory images.  You could imagine the smell and sights of the festival by the author’s descriptions.  I think he did a really good job with that because the piece is filled with so much information that it could distract you.

I hope to be able to provide that type of information on my own topic and use the sensory elements as well as Wallace did in his piece we read.  After reading the article it has me rethinking my own topic.  I cannot provide a sense of smell for my topic because I have no firsthand experience.  It makes me think that I might have to shift gears and look elsewhere for a different topic that I have experience with.  Wallace’s piece has made me nervous like the lobsters in the tank at dirty Red Lobster.  :/

Norris: Is it you, Again?

This piece was informative, but I wasn’t that interested to hear about the monks and nuns.  Maybe I am just burned out on religious writing?  There was quite a bit of information in the piece, as well as unfamiliar words that needed to be scoped out in order to connect the writing.  I have never been to a monastery, and through this piece you get a visual description of what it is like and also what the people there are like.

There were great names like Guinness for example.  He asks a monk a question regarding the most difficult part of being a monk.  The monk tells him, ‘other monks.’  I thought that was pretty good.  I never really thought of monks as jokers or even people that speak often.  All I think of when I think of monks is the humming.  The sounds of the monks humming at the START screen for one of the Halo video games.  Overall the piece was informative, and even had a little funny at the end to wrap up the piece.  It was pretty dry and rather forgettable overall, in my opinion.

When trying to think about something to research my initial thought was Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I’m not sure that is what I will settle on or how I will go about making it interesting, but I think I have a plan for this topic.  It has always been something that interests me and I think it could be fun to write on.