Norris: Is it you, Again?

This piece was informative, but I wasn’t that interested to hear about the monks and nuns.  Maybe I am just burned out on religious writing?  There was quite a bit of information in the piece, as well as unfamiliar words that needed to be scoped out in order to connect the writing.  I have never been to a monastery, and through this piece you get a visual description of what it is like and also what the people there are like.

There were great names like Guinness for example.  He asks a monk a question regarding the most difficult part of being a monk.  The monk tells him, ‘other monks.’  I thought that was pretty good.  I never really thought of monks as jokers or even people that speak often.  All I think of when I think of monks is the humming.  The sounds of the monks humming at the START screen for one of the Halo video games.  Overall the piece was informative, and even had a little funny at the end to wrap up the piece.  It was pretty dry and rather forgettable overall, in my opinion.

When trying to think about something to research my initial thought was Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I’m not sure that is what I will settle on or how I will go about making it interesting, but I think I have a plan for this topic.  It has always been something that interests me and I think it could be fun to write on.


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