When thinking of some element to write about that had ‘deep meaning’ I first thought about talking about a near death experience.  I thought that could be too serious, and went for a lighter fare and talked about my experience with my church.  It was fun trying to recreate the whole experience of getting baptized.

Some of the challenges I faced writing about ‘spiritual’ feelings were the fact that I am not the biggest believer in all the church hoopla.  Not to say I don’t have my own ideas about where we might have come from, but I was hoping not to offend anyone or come off as an asshole when talking about the Christian ceremony.

When thinking of ways to revise this piece I started by getting rid of some of the ‘cute’ language I had written in the zero draft.  Although some seemed to find it humorous, it wasn’t coming off as a ‘kid’ speaking.  I guess that is what I was shooting for with the funny spelling of ‘cool’.

I didn’t want this to be from an adult perspective.  I wanted it to be from the perspective of a confused kid that is about to get dunked in ‘holy tap water’.  I really don’t think anyone with strong beliefs would enjoy reading my piece.  My take on the whole process somewhat mocks and degrades, but in a classy way.  I think people that have a bit of perspective and open mindedness would enjoy reading what I have to say.  Like I said, I wasn’t trying to upset anyone, as always I am looking to make people laugh somewhat.

Publishing something I have written is something I still cannot see on the horizon.  I don’t feel that I have hit a homerun with any of my pieces yet.  I hope that this one turns out the way I had hoped, but not sure that I would want to publish something that mocks a religious group; even if I am a part of that group.

I’m not sure what is the most ‘beautiful’ sentence in the piece, but I know that as far as meaning goes at any point where I mention baptism as being ‘dunked’ has a certain effect that I was hoping to get across.  Not sure if it is mean spirited or not, but I liked it and the whole baptism process was fun to recall and write about in jest.

One of the biggest strengths I believe I have when I write is the rate I can put stuff down.  The biggest challenge is getting that idea or spark to begin creating.  Once I get in a rhythm I can really go on an on, but I still sometimes hit a spot where all I can do is stare at the blinking cursor.


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