Blog #3

I am gathering my thoughts for the SEO.  I have a deep history in Miami taking classes.  I totally believe that I exemplify the BIS degree.  I have such a broad range of courses that I have completed at both MUM and Oxford.

I started my college journey thinking that either law or education would be my field of expertise.  I learned after many years that I have all kinds of interests.  I started taking Philosophy courses, and soon enough I was changing my major after 10+ years of school.

BIS and what it stands for define my college course taking.  I have a wide variety of courses and now get to use them to help complete the degree I have long sought after.  I look forward to the challenge of writing the SEO and getting it approved to take yet another step towards the finish line.

I have a good feeling about writing the SEO up after the past weeks class and getting my Concentrations for BIS hammered out, as well as figuring out that I have a completed Thematic Sequence.  Just another check mark towards the final goal.


Blog Post #2

From what I have gathered from the BIS program already it would appear to me that a BIS degree would encompass more of my college experience than a traditional degree in a specialized field.  The BIS degree is something that I am creating and I am responsible for presenting to future employers.  BIS means that I have more than one perspective when trying to break down an issue or problem.

I chose BIS because it is the quickest route for me attaining my Bachelors, which I have been working on for what seems to be forever.  The BIS degree has interested me ever since I learned that I could build a degree on what I have already accomplished.  I have taken numerous classes in many different fields and the BIS degree is right up this alleyway.

The SEO is basically me selling my degree to future employers.  The SEO tells you what it is that I have studied and worked for all of these years while pursuing this elusive degree.  The SEO shows what it is that I have learned and what I can bring to the table.

About Me

My name is Wes Quigley.  I am a senior and have attended the Oxford campus for the past 3 years.  I currently work as a waiter in Mason.  The service industry is something I have been apart of for what seems like forever.  It has been a worthwhile experience meeting people from all over.

I am planning on using my Philosophy and English background to build my own BIS degree.  I look forward to learning more about the program as this semester progresses.

I have 2 younger brothers, I grew up in Wilmington and played many different sports at WHS.  I attend Bengals games on the reg, and enjoy playing golf every now and then.

I look forward to getting to know some of my classmates a little better this semester.