Blog #3

I am gathering my thoughts for the SEO.  I have a deep history in Miami taking classes.  I totally believe that I exemplify the BIS degree.  I have such a broad range of courses that I have completed at both MUM and Oxford.

I started my college journey thinking that either law or education would be my field of expertise.  I learned after many years that I have all kinds of interests.  I started taking Philosophy courses, and soon enough I was changing my major after 10+ years of school.

BIS and what it stands for define my college course taking.  I have a wide variety of courses and now get to use them to help complete the degree I have long sought after.  I look forward to the challenge of writing the SEO and getting it approved to take yet another step towards the finish line.

I have a good feeling about writing the SEO up after the past weeks class and getting my Concentrations for BIS hammered out, as well as figuring out that I have a completed Thematic Sequence.  Just another check mark towards the final goal.


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