Blog #4 Broad Model and Topic Choice

The Broad Model of Interdisciplinary studies involves first uncovering a problem and question to be raised about said problem.  The second step of the broad model revolves around figuring out whether an Interdisciplinary approach can be used to attack the topic.

This second step rolls into the third step which is figuring out whether or not your problem has more than one discipline concerning your topic.  The next step of the broad model deals with research.  This is where you find out what the disciplines have to say about your problem/topic.

I was sitting in class not knowing what I wanted to cover for my research project when the idea of Artificial Intelligence came to mind.  This was spawned by my interest in this topic, and the showing of a clip from John Oliver’s show on HBO.  I have watched every topic Oliver has tackled and in one of his earlier shows, he introduced a segment about smart people and stuff they say.  Anyhow, Stephen Hawking, whom I believe to be one of the smartest humans on the planet discussed Artificial Intelligence and the dangers we could face in the coming future.  It was one of the best interviews I have ever seen with Hawking. The story Hawking told about a super computer coming to life was incredibly terrifying.

This idea has been portrayed in multiple big budget movies.  I love the idea of A.I. and think it could be the single greatest achievement of mankind.  I really believe it will happen within our lifetime as well, so this topic is extremely important and fascinating to me and the reason I chose to write about it.


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