Blog #7 Research Data

Allen Newell – Computer Science The Knowledge Level

Oscar Firschein, Martin A, Fischler Lockheed Research Laboratory

L. Stephen Coles, Jay M. Tennebaum Stanford Research Institute  – Forecasting and Assessing The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on Society

Christopher Grau, FIU There is No “I” in “Robot”: Robots and Utilitarianism

Nick Bostrom Ethical Issues In Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Eliezer Yudkowsky Artificial Intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk

Nick Bilton The New York Times Artificial Intelligence as a Threat

Nick Statt CNET Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too

George Dvorsky Are We Overthinking the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence?

George Dvorsky Prominent Scientists Sign Letter of Warning About AI Risks

Robbie Gonzalez If We Ever Meet Aliens, They’ll Probably Be Robots

I also have an article featuring AI and law.  It discusses the idea of whether or not sentient robots should be given rights as people.

I am currently in the process of breaking down the articles I have to see what disciplines are relevant.


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