Blog Post #6 Relevant Topics for Research

The disciplines that stick out to me when posing the question: “What would Artificial Intelligence mean for society?”   are Philosophy, Sociology, Biology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, and a few more possibly.

You have ideas out there that link Artificial Intelligence to the end of mankind.  There are some that say humans would no longer be needed in most workplace settings if AI were created.  Jobs could be lost.  Disease could be wiped out.  We could be wiped out.  Would sentient robots have their own laws?  What kind of rights might they be granted?  Who is programming the AI?  Is their intent good or bad?

There are so many questions and ideas about where AI could take us, but until we find out we can only speculate.  There should be a plethora of information out there concerning AI.  We have come a long way in creating sentient computers.  The day a machine can pass a Turing Test could be upon us soon.  It is a real possibility that this could be upon us in our lifetimes.  This could extend our life to possible immortality.  The implications of AI could mean many different things for society in the future.  We are merely scratching the surface so far, but in the very near future this could be something that we could come face to face with.

AI is already being slowly implemented into our lives.  Some of us have played video games throughout our childhood.  These games exhibit AI, as the consoles progressed, so did the AI.  Our phones now exhibit AI.  You can literally ask your phone for directions.

The smartest super computer in the world, Watson, has destroyed Jeopardy champions and is now being introduced to the medical field to help find cures for disease and do massive amounts of research on human conditions.

There should be all kinds of information from different disciplines concerning this complex issue.


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