Blog Post #10 Relfection

I think the course flowed perfectly.  We were able to interact with one another, and everyone presented projects at the end of the semester that helped us really understand what it means to take an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems.

What I enjoyed the most was the classroom atmosphere and getting to hear opinions from a diverse group of students.  Learning about everyone and having a blog to interact on.  I don’t know that I would change a thing about the course.

The course was professionally presented and it was a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to discover what the BIS program is all about.  I think that all of my classmates would agree that we have a much better understanding of what taking an interdisciplinarian approach to a complex problem involves.  You may not be able to come to a conclusion on the answer, but you will come out with a better understanding of what you have been trying to find.

The only thing I think we could have spent more time on is getting to know one another.  Is there really ever enough time for that?  Students will always have a connection in some form with professors, but their peers seem to just vanish after class is completed.  So I would go with perhaps one more solo project of interest where a student just does a paper on interests or do a warmup interest paper assignment.

I enjoyed the semester immensely hence why I never missed a class.  I enjoyed every minute and learning about what it takes to work in an interdisciplinarian style.


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