Blog Post #8 Resources and original opinion

The articles I found really did cohere with one another because of the complex issue at hand.  Many suggested the same caution should be taken in advancing in the field of AI.  All of the different fields I examined came to the same conclusion.

Allen Newel/ The Knowledge Level/ Computer Science/Psychology/ Intelligence and how  created intelligence might work

Christopher Grau/ There is No ‘I’ in “Robot”: Robots and Utilitarianism/ Philosophy/ Ethics in robotics and what happens when the data input is unethical

Nick Bostrom/ Ethical Issues in Advanced Intelligence/ Philosophy/ Superintelligence and how it will lead to an even greater superintelligence

Eliezer Yudkowsky/ Artificial Intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk/ American Bloger/ Upgrading Humanity and what it would mean for society

George Dvorsky/ Prominent Scientists Sign Letter of Warning about AI/ Bioethicist, Chair of the Board for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies/ Prominent names in the science community warn of the potential risks of AI


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