Blog Post #9 Looking back at original thoughts

Going into the project my original ideas were not very clear.  I really didn’t think people cared about Artificial Intelligence and I would only find a few people even working on it.  Turns out, there are all kinds of different disciplines working on theories in AI and programs dealing with AI.  The matter is taken seriously and extreme caution is urged.  So much so, that a document has been signed by prominent people in the field to approach this coming technology with extreme sensitivity.

A lot of my original thoughts were reaffirmed.  Most believe that AI could vastly improve our society if done in an ethical way.  We could leap ahead in hundreds of years in progress with the invention of AI.

I was somewhat shocked to see that there are responsible people out there urging for responsible use of this possible technology. It just frightens me that a good majority of folks have no idea where the race to achieve AI sits currently.

When you really sit back and think about it, there is a lot of good AI technology out there that has been working for awhile.  You can play a computer in chess or card games on you computer.  Video games offer AI controlled opponents.  Your phone is now more than ever AI ready.  It can communicate with you and answer several different questions.  This technology is not far away.  The possibilities can be great, or they can be dire.

This is the thought that echoes through beliefs on AI.  The technology must be handled responsibly or it could result in the end of us all.


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