BIS 301 Intro About Me

I’m a senior in the BIS program, I have this course and 401 left to complete my degree.  My Concentrations are Language Arts Expression and Children’s Literature along with my second concentration that centers around Society and Adolescent Education.

I work full-time bar tending in Mason and have been at this school thing for quite some time.  I started at MUM and ended up moving to Oxford for four years where my academic career went from Education to Philosophy.  I then decided to save some money and take up the BIS degree path at MUM and found that I had enough credit hours to fill out my BIS plan and all I had to do was submit a successful SEO and complete the seminars.

I look forward to being involved in education in some sort of fashion.  I have chosen to work with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Hamilton where I can read with kids that don’t really excel at reading.  My idea is to come up with some kind of program that features my diverse background to feature in my capstone for the 401 class.